Almost 19,000 claims submitted in Canadian military sexual misconduct lawsuits

Nearly 19,000 Canadian soldiers and security personnel have filed complaints against sexual offenses against the federal government.

At the end of Wednesday, 18,796 complaints were filed by local and former CAF and DND staff.

Of these 5,055 have already been approved to pay in advance or be paid.

About 57 percent of the respondents are women, 42 percent are men, and 1 percent have mentioned others.

About 33 percent of all complaints filed this month alone.

The CAF has been rocked by a sexual crisis this year, with current and former leaders being investigated and prosecuted.

The federal government is being severely criticized for failing to address the issue. Security Minister Anita Anand said dealing with the problem is the most important thing to him.

The verdict was upheld by the Federal Supreme Court in 2019 following anti-federal lawsuits in 2016 and 2017. The charges involved sexual misconduct, rape and discrimination in the Canadian military and in the Department of Defense.

The settlement provides up to $ 155,000 in compensation, changes in military and past policy, and the opportunity for sex survivors to participate in rehabilitation, where they can share their experiences with senior officials.

More than 4,800 claimants applied for reinstatement.

Although it was not part of the agreement, one of the lawyers who filed the lawsuit said the government had apologized to the court.

“It has been more than two years since the promise was made and an apology should be issued immediately,” Jonathan Ptak said in an email.

The time to give a verdict is now over, but Ptak said Class members may seek out additional time based on the individual’s unique circumstances.


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