Agri-sector jobs: Looking for a change?

Several exciting and exciting positions are available in the agricultural sector of the agricultural sector right now, and one of them could be on your way.

If any of these roles interest you, and you want to know more about them (including how to apply), go agriRECRUIT, where we place the most recent activities of the agricultural sector.

Responsibilities on Lambay Island

Lambay Island is looking for a full-time, knowledgeable, well-appointed home manager to guide the island’s staff.

The task will be to oversee the farm, hospitality, maintenance and repair, and will provide reports to the supervisors who are outside the premises.

Free fuel and wifi facilities are provided.

Lambay Island also needs an experienced shepherd to care for and raise its 300 Lleyn ewes.

This work includes keeping records, building fences and other household chores.

Accommodation arrangements will be the same as the responsibility of the manager.

Digital marketing executive

Munster Bovine is currently in the process of digital marketing.

The digital marketing manager, reporting to business executives, has played a key role in creating products that will help promote and showcase the company’s livestock and livestock operations.

Responsibilities will include the preparation, production and management of content in all advertising materials to support the digital campaign.

Commercial plant science business manager

Bayer CropScience is looking for a seed science marketing manager to join his sales team and work with other teams.

The successful applicant will be responsible for directing and supervising the marketing of selected distributors through customer support, consulting and decision making.

Bayer CropScience says the sector will be critical to furthering business growth and achieving challenging marketing goals.

Sales representative

Agristock pet feed supplier is looking to complete the commercial space.

Responsibility requires a good knowledge of animal diets. Adequate, efficient driving clearance is also required.

A fully paid company car will be provided.

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