Afghan Women Protest Against Taliban Killings Of Ex-Soldiers



“I want to tell the world, tell the Taliban to stop killing,” he said. (File)


A group of women marched on Afghanistan’s capital on Tuesday, accusing Taliban officials of secretly killing soldiers working in the former US-backed regime.

About 30 women gathered near a mosque in the center of Kabul and marched hundreds of meters away chanting “justice, justice” before being stopped by Taliban troops, an AFP reporter observed.

The Taliban also tried to prevent journalists from disclosing the incident, which was organized against “the extrajudicial killings of young people, especially former national soldiers”, according to media reports.

Taliban militants briefly blocked a group of journalists and confiscated weapons from other photographers, removing images from their cameras before returning them.

Ever since the dictators returned to power in August they have banned illegal protests and often intervened to ban protests against their Islamic identity.

The protests come just weeks after reports from the United Nations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said there were “serious cases of” more than 100 Taliban killings since the coup.

“I want to tell the world, tell the Taliban to stop killing. We want freedom, we want justice, we want human rights,” protesting Nayera Koahistani said.

In a statement read aloud by protester Laila Basam, the protesters called on the Taliban to “stop their criminal activities”.

The statement that former soldiers and workers in the former state government “are in direct danger”, violates the general pardon that the Taliban announced in August.

The protesters also protested the restrictions that women face in the Taliban regime.

The government has issued new directives over the weekend banning women from traveling long distances unless they are accompanied by close relatives.

“Women’s rights are human rights. We must protect our rights,” Koahistani said.

The video posted online on Tuesday highlighted some of the women’s protests that took place elsewhere in the capital which also demanded that women be allowed access to education and employment opportunities.

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