Adel Haddadi: Would-be Paris attacker 'caught in a moral dilemma'

Published on: 26/11/2021 – 12:05

Wednesday’s testimony in the Paris trial stalled the second day in a row for Adel Haddadi and Muhammed Usman, who are accused of plotting terrorism in France. He was stopped by Austrian police while trying to cross into Europe. The court heard from an officer who questioned the two men after their arrest.

“He seemed to me to be a man with a moral dilemma.” The man was Adel Haddadi. The idea was given by Tomas Pepper, a police officer linked to the Austrian Interior Ministry in Vienna. The problem was that of a man who had been deliberately sent out to commit suicide by the people he feared most.

On Wednesday, using the most complex and vague translation from German, Pepper told the court the Austrian case we had already heard from French police investigators.

Accused of Muhammad Usman, a native of Pakistan, who also translated a bit from French to Urdu, made up of the whole business and everyone’s ideas. He often felt like sleeping.

The pair were detained at a refugee camp in Salzburg in western Austria in early December, 2015, following Interpol’s warning that IS IS terrorist-related terrorist attacks were rampant in Europe. The two men were interrogated 21 times by Austrian police detectives.

Both admitted to being sent to Europe by the Islamic State, with the intention of committing suicide in France.

One of the discussions was initiated by Adel Haddadi himself. Tomas Pepper said the prisoner was heartbroken, argued several times, and meanwhile, appeared to be nervous.

He told an Austrian police officer that he needed help because the Islamic State was too powerful. He feared that a terrorist group from Syria would find him and kill him. He also said he knew his real name and family details in Algeria, as he had his cell phone confiscated shortly after arriving in Syria.

In a fit of rage, he told Tomas Pepper it was “not easy to kill people”.

However, the next day, Haddad was independent and removed much of what he had said in previous interviews.

Muhammad Usman was a staunch opponent.

He was interrogated by Austrian police officers seven times, compared with 14 to Haddad.

Even his birth date was not known with certainty.

He was unconcerned but self-conscious and vague. He simply stated that he did just that. He was sent to France to commit suicide.

When asked what his opinion was, Muhammad Usman apparently replied that he did not understand the question, and added that he was not allowed to make any decision. This is from a man who left his home in Pakistan in Punjab and went to the Syrian army in search of, say, a place that could be under the pure definition of Islam.

Usman did not hesitate to accept the terrible punishment. . . homosexuals tossed to and fro in houses, thieves, and adulterers, stoned to death. . . commanded under that “holy interpretation.”

He further added that Haddadi was the founder of a shared business and that Usman himself had no plans.

The Pakistani people seem to be as isolated as the Urdu-speaking people when they are surrounded by other languages.

He joined Haddadi on their European tours “with hands and feet” to capture the translation of one of Tomas Pepper’s responses yesterday.

The Austrian military said the conversation with the two men was difficult and unpleasant. Vienna ended its interrogation after agreeing to return to France.

The case is ongoing.

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