A Boy Called Christmas Review

LESSON: Based on the 2015 book of the same name, the story also serves as a prelude to the story of Father Christmas and follows a little boy with a loyal mouse and a deer beside him, embarking on an amazing journey to find his father. who is on a journey to discover the fantasy village of Elfhelm.

Review again: Sometimes it is difficult for me to review movies that I am not a fan of and that is why when I enter Christmas Boy, I expect to be on my keyboard and tell everyone that this is a Christmas story that was not mine. , but your children may love it. Well, bless you because I just finished A Boy Called Christmas I started to roll over, I found myself caught by his charms. The film is very popular with young audiences but, like most Christmas movies, it infects in us that the only person with a stone heart can argue that it is not worth your time. It’s not like that A Boy Called Christmas will be on your daily video but as one to repeat once a year, Netflix should be proud to be a new offering that is worth throwing in the mix with. Home Alone or Christmas story.

Under the direction of Gil Kenan, an ally behind the terrorist forces Monster House, one of the great forces in the film’s arsenal is the immense power of its myths. Kenan said he was hired to direct the film because he was edited by Matt Haig’s book of the same name and it is evident in Kenan’s style. There are magical ideas that Kenan draws and it is through the combination of persuasive images and the real nature of the Christmas spirit. The story is told in the same way as the stories we grew up with. Aunt Ruth (Maggie Smith) prepares the story by telling her grandchildren and great-grandchildren today about a young man named Nikolas (Henry Lawfull), a poor young man from ancient Finland. Nikolas is full of the generous spirit given to him by his father Joel (Michiel Huisman) and is reflected in his story. Her father loves to tell the story of a girl named Lumi and her trip to the magical world of Elfhelm. The land of Elfhelm pleases Nikolas and soon embarks on his journey to find it when the king (Jim Broadbent) orders the villagers to go beyond the borders of their kingdom to bring something that promotes hope. Joel is on his way because his family is in dire financial straits and soon, a few weeks after his father’s return, Nikolas leaves to look for his father and perhaps restore that hope.

All the hearts of a Christmas boy belong to Henry Lawfull’s Nikolas. We trust in her hope and admire her courage. There are a number of obstacles in his path whether it be his horrible aunt Carlotta (Kristen Wiig) or Mother Sally Hawkins ‘Vodal, whose extraordinary conversation should be enough to break Nikolas’ spirit but remain unmoved in the pursuit of the Christmas spirit. He can give hope to a very critical person and the great story goes as he comes where Henry Lawfull shows him the most courageous.

Another feature of the film is its beautiful portraits. As Joel introduces Elfhelm to Nikolas, his voice comes alive in the magnificent scenes around the house, and, similarly, whenever the film leaves Nikolas’ winter and Aunt Ruth’s modern room, Kenan does not cut it and makes it. a seamless camera pan that does not take you away from the story. It also shows us how our best stories, both for children and adults, happen as real and tangible. Nothing about the structure of the film sounds like a fantasy. If the goal is to make you believe in magic, it has done its job.

Combined with all the hope of a Christmas miracle is a wonderful work from Stephen Merchant as Miika the Mouse. Miika is Nikolas’ companion on the trip and presents the film with its thrilling relief. Merchant does an excellent job of making Miika feel like a living and breathing person who was not computer-generated. The dialogue between Miika and Nikolas sounds like organic and the form gives energy as the film moves into the dark. While the film does not threaten to lose its original character, there are times when it benefits at the emotional level that provides some sad moments for the film.

Even knowing how this will end from the start, A Boy Called Christmas It’s pretty cool not to say I play and you have to be like a scrooge to not be attracted to it, even a little bit. The movie does not resume color in any way but is just enough to put you in the Christmas spirit.

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