5 Ways To Help Prevent Further Tragedy In The English Channel

Tragedy struck in English Channel Wednesday night when 27 people trying to get to the UK died when their boat sank – prompting both Britain and France to re-evaluate their route. the refugee problem.

Secretary of Home Priti Patel defended the UK’s efforts to prevent people from crossing the dangerous Channel Thursday and said there is no “quick fix”.

He has already promised to help Officials in France strengthen security at their borders and is now committed to sending British officials to join their French counterparts on the French border.

But, since Wednesday’s tragedy was the deadliest day on the Channel crossing, should France and the UK take a whole new route?

This is exactly what the experts think should happen.

1. Unlock secure routes

Campaigners believe that more people are being led to take a dangerous route across the English Channel – accompanied by terrorist smugglers – because there are no other options.

Gunes Kalkan, chief campaign officer at Safe Passage International, said The Guardian: “We call on the government to repeal the brutal and ineffective law of the country and its borders and open up safer ways to save lives.

“Safeguards effectively protect refugees, reunite families and help people rebuild their well-received lives in our communities.”

This would include using boats or planes to fly people across the Channel instead of weak vessels that can bend or sink.

Louise Calvey, Refugee Action’s chief executive of Refugee Action, also said that “an increase in the number of troops” on the Channel last year could not deter people, as they would be pushed into more dangerous ways.

2. Develop safer security measures in France and the UK

In the meantime, people who are waiting to hear their security request – or who have been denied – are being put in jail. There are six in the UK so far, but UNHCR says detention should be a last resort for countries.

There is concern that Patel’s upcoming national bill is limited it will only make it harder for people to find security in the UK.

Steve Valdez-Symonds from Amnesty International said The Guardian: “Officials need to work closely with French authorities to provide secure security measures across the Channel.”

3. Revise ways to establish other people

People provided security in the UK through social media

Images for PA GraphicsPress Association

The number of people who have received protection through social media in the UK has dropped dramatically since 2017.

British Red Cross and Asylum refugee supervisor Jon Featonby called for “a resumption of the program to rehabilitate and protect existing facilities” last October in an interview with the Financial Times.

However, as home office reports show, the UK has supported only 1,171 refugees since Covid closed in March 2020, excluding the number of Afghan refugees that the UK has helped.

4. Reactivate humanitarian assistance

Most people who try to enter the UK for protection come from war zones.

According to Refugee Council, 91% of immigrants to the UK are from countries where human rights have been violated.

Britain can help the refugee problem by addressing the root of the problem, but, according to Amnesty International, “Wealthy countries are not living up to their high pledges to provide financial assistance to refugees abroad.”

The UK also announced a reduction in humanitarian assistance in 2021 from 0.7% of total national revenue to just 0.5%.

The government says this is a temporary election, but it will not be changed until 2024 or 2025.

It may sound like a lot, but cutting has had a huge impact.

The UN family planning agency lost 85% of UK child support money – equivalent to about £ 130 million a year – while the UN’s Children Fund (Unicef) lost about 60% of its income from the UK.

UNAIDS has also lost 80% of its funding from the UK.

This will affect some of the world’s worst disasters such as Yemen, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria, meaning that people in these countries are the only ones who can leave.

Refugees on the Polish-Belarus border are trying to enter Europe
Refugees on the Polish-Belarus border are trying to enter Europe

Sergei Bobylev via Getty Images

5. Work with regional countries

The UK and France are said to have agreed to work with countries in Europe to help prevent accidents in the English Channel, preventing people from accessing French water at the outset.

Gerhard Hoffstaedter, professor of sociology at the University of Queensland, and Sara Riva from Griffith University, wrote to The Conversation explaining how treaties with neighboring countries could contribute to the refugee crisis.

He added: “Refugee solidarity in the region could make people not only look at border security and prevent it but also ensure that refugees receive the security they need to cross and reach their destination countries.”

The UK is already receiving one-third of the refugee claims received by France and 1% of the 4 million refugees who have migrated to Turkey.

Working with neighboring countries means they can make an effort to be able to oversee large groups of people looking for a place to live, rather than taking the blame as has been the case with the UK and France since Wednesday.


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