256. Italian director Mauro Mancini’s debut feature film “Non Odiare” (Thou Shalt Not Hate) (2020), based on an original script by Davide Lisino and Mauro Mancini: Fascinating tale on human contradictions, visually narrated, economizing on spoken words

“I wanted the information in this article to be more relevant than the personal issues”

— Remarks by Director Mauro Mancini to interviewer Davide Abbatescianni, in Cineuropa, the film competed in International Critics’ Week at the 2020 film festival in Venice

DEbut movies are, for the most part, entertaining because the directors are introducing many new ideas such as the Welles, Melville, Chabrol, Ridley Scott, Mike Nichols, Spielberg and Coen brothers. Likewise, the first film Mauro Mancini Usadane it creates a strange interest when the spoken word is in the background and the nonsense speaks loudly.

Alessandro Gassmann in Venice award winner
the role of a well-known Jewish physician

The animosity contained in the film refers to the animosity between generations of Nazi / neo-Nazis and the survivors of the Holocaust (and their children), which took place in Italy. The strength of a film is based, not on the quality of the action, but on the quality of the film. The video stands out because of the combined skills of the director / script writer, co-author, and director who delivers a simple, well-articulated story.

TThe film began with a picture of a father asking his son to drown a few kittens and leave one. The movie ends with an adult touring the same scene alone. The two main sequences do not seem to have a direct connection with the “hatred” described in the main story of the film but link to the ideas / prejudices that are passed on from one generation to the next. Although most viewers can see the obvious conflicts and animosities between the Neo-Nazis and the Jews in the film, viewers will not notice the difference between the father and the child in the two groups, which are portrayed in the film. Usadane. In one group (Neo-Nazi), a son worships the father with his ideas, and in another (Italian-Jewish) religion there is almost no evidence of any connection between father and son even though they work in close-knit work. Interestingly, the female figures in both groups are not featured in the film. The story is intentional or unknowingly. The viewer is given a choice by the filmmakers to determine where the hatred lies: whether it is between the Nazi / neo-Nazi party and between the inherent ideologies that are changing within each group, or perhaps both.

Regarding religion, the title of the film Usadane is not a Jewish / Christian law but a Law ”Love your neighbor as yourself. ” The film conveys this idea not only to humans but also to human relationships with animals. Contrary to the immersion of the innocent kittens who open the film, the vicious dog guarding the house of the dead dentist scolds the son of a dentist who has not seen his father for a long time. After a few words, describe the dog’s slow connection to the new owner. Also noteworthy is the fact that the early Christians were buried in Nazi cemeteries without a priest, prayer, or Bible reading.

When a Nazi child dies, his daughter is left alone
funeral wife

TThe amazing skills of director Mancini and co-writer Lisino are reflected in the form in which no words are spoken and the music is not used as a way to elevate the audience. One such case is the doctor’s decision to go to the police station to complain (not to kneel) about being attacked when he decided to go home to see his wounds and ponder what to do. He then slammed the police door and almost opened the front door to let it in. Another is the incident at a supermarket, where he finds his maid at a distance. He goes in secret, without any association with him. Visual and visual effects speak louder than spoken words. In another show, the girl’s reaction to boarding a crowded bus to a black stranger sitting next to her was well received by the filmmakers. Likewise the vivid imagery of the old chairs kept in the Jewish men’s house and the lanterns to identify the Nazis who caused the destruction are carefully examined by a dead dentist, while his Jewish son lives in a clean and modern house without interruption. This film learns to change the way families think for generations with love and forgiveness instead of intense hatred. Even casual sex between two adults who have changed from the two groups is not happening because they see it as inappropriate, indicating the maturity of the filmmakers.

When Usadane contains the first episode of the Neo-Nazi hatred of an exemplary Jewish doctor, with a good head, leading to a “tragic” death, the whole film is linked to a doctor who goes shopping. informing the victim of the victim and his or her family and secretly trying to help the family of the deceased to pay for his or her hatred, kneeling at the scene of an accident.

A doctor seeks redemption because of his hatred
in an empty synagogue

TThe film commemorates the tenth episode of Polish leader Krzysztof Kieslowski. Decalogue (Decalogue) on the Ten Commandments of Judaism / Christianity and the extraordinary cooperation of Kieslowski with his colleague Krzysztof Piesciewicz that followed. It seems that director Mancini is following in Kieslowski’s footsteps by continuing his collaboration with fellow writer David Lisino on his next video project.

Sara Serraiocco, plays a housemaid
to a Jewish doctor

Ait seems that Mancini and Lisino started the story after reading a story about a doctor who refused Nazi surgery years ago and made a film in memory of actor Alessandro Gassman. Gassman looks like the Italian brand Hugh Laurie is playing Dr House (remove limp, yes) and his impressive performances earned him a performance in Venice. (Alessandro is the son of Italian actress Vittorio Gassman.) Mancini aptly included Alessandro and talented actress Sara Serraiocco, who has played major roles in recent Cannes and Cinema films and film festivals in Berlin. Choosing music added value to the film. Mancini and Lisino’s future operations will certainly be expected.

PS Usadane won the Alessandro Gassmann Award for Best Actor (Pasinetti) as well as the best Italian film award at the 2020 Film Festival in Venice. The film is taking part in the 2020 Denver Film Festival, USA. Usadane is one of the best 2020 author films. Four episodes of Kieslowski’s Decalogue (Dekalogue 1, Dec. 2, Dec. 5, and Dec. 7) the above mentioned ones have already been highlighted in detail in this blog. (Click on the names of the videos on this page for comments.)

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