255. Japanese director Takashi Koizumi’s film “Hakase no aishita sushiki” (The Professor and His Beloved Equation) (2006), based on an award-winning Japanese novel by Yoko Ogawa: Melding the magical world of numbers and mathematics with invisible eternal truths existing in the universe, for adults and school-going students alike

Seeing the World in Sand Seeds,

It’s Heaven in the Wild Flower;

Hold the boundless in your hand,

It’s Eternal in One Hour

— opening lines from the poem by William Blake

“Auguries of Innocence”

Some people do not like numbers or math but many do. Regardless of the category, Yomiuri’s 2003 award-winning book written by Japanese mother Yoko Ogawa is called. Superintendent of Housing and Professor (English translation published by Picador) and film by Takashi Koizumi Professor and His Beloved Equation copying this book will gradually lead you to the mysterious world of numbers that has attracted the attention of good ideas like Pythagoras and Descartes for years. What Ogawa and Koizumi accomplish is to make the average person look at numbers with respect and realize that numbers were not created by humans — they existed in the universe, we just discovered them and began to understand a small part of the universe as we have seen. we know that today. The book and film inspire all and sophisticated mathematical learning without being intimidated by numbers and equations. In the end, the film portrays a beautiful parallel as a nirvana or an echoes of the natural world described by the American poet William Blake at the end of the film.

The school teacher ‘Root’ is like a sign
Secret connection

The book and the film show a young teacher better known by the nickname “Root,” a mathematical symbol, since the older professor of mathematics linked Root’s smooth head and dry hair on one side (when he was a student. The youngest) with that symbol. The professor’s memory was shattered by traumatic brain injury, and he was able to think clearly for 80 minutes at a time before forgetting what had happened before. So, he puts reminders on his jacket so he can remember every aspect of good memory. For all practical reasons, the professor takes Root as his son and gradually develops his love of numbers, math, and baseball in the young man. Root, at a young age, instills a similar love of numbers and amazing relationships between them for his high school students.

Professor (Akira Terao) meets Root’s mother

HDoes the film create a strange impression on viewers of numbers and mathematics? The initial conversation between the Professor and the new caregiver begins with a question about the size of the shoes, which they answer is 24 centimeters. He happily tells the girl that 24 is an “honorable” number and also a 4th number. He then explains how the factorial is calculated, which is 1x2x3x4. He then asked her for her phone number and was overjoyed because that was the equivalent of 1 billion. Then, as the film progresses, the viewer learns about the “perfect” and “loving pairs” of numbers like 220 and 284 and why they are called that. All of this is not just a myth but a scientific fact to entertain and stimulate curiosity in the mind for more information. And who got the first two? It was Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician who lived in the sixth centuryth years BC. Even this factoid is mentioned in the film. Then you learn about “transcendental” numbers and “comparative” numbers later in the film. All true, not imaginary!

Young Root was ‘taken’ by a professor

And what is the “favorite equation” that makes up the title of the film? It is another type of Euler’s equation now called “Euler’s identity.” It is surprising that even today the famous mathematicians call the equation / theorem of the Swiss mathematician (1707-83) the most beautiful or most beautiful theory ever made. This is in conjunction with Blake’s last Japanese epic poem.

Wwhen Ms. Ogawa published more than 50 fiction and fiction books, in 2006 the year Koizumi released the film, the author released a book called. The Origin of the Most Advanced Mathematics in the World, according to mathematician Mashiko Fujihara. But who is responsible for the film Professor and His Beloved Equation? Director Koizumi was the lead assistant for the late Japanese artist Akira Kurosawa on his last five major films: Ran, Kagemusha, Dreams, Madadayo, and Rhapsody in August and was an unofficial assistant to the sixth director Dersu Uzala. The Krosawa connection to the Koizumi film continues. Filmmaker Shoji Ueda was also the protagonist of five of the films, with actor Akira Terao (who plays a professor) as the film’s director. He ran
and Madayo, as well, player Hisashi Ogawa (who plays the short role of housekeeper) is a Kurosawa player. Although Kurosawa had nothing to do with the film, his trusted friends were the main contributors to the film. Professor and His Beloved Equation. Kurosawa would be proud because the film, apart from mathematics, provides a brief overview of Japanese culture and the Noh theater in Japan for any viewer.

… as difficult as confirming the beauty of a star

While the film is a must-see for those who love numbers (and their secret characters), mathematics, physics and metaphysics, it does encourage minor misconceptions. Although the film shows the availability of good numbers, Pythagoras found the first group, with European mathematicians Fermat (1601-65) and Descartes (1596-1650). It is now well-known that the Iraqi mathematician Thabit ibn Qurra (826-901) discovered a way to discover them.ref: Wikipedia on Official Numbers). Many Arabic mathematicians used this technique during the 10th and 17th centuriesth centuries to find the best figures but a well-known Western belief states that the findings of Fermat and Descartes.

Philosophy behind a straight line

The Professor and His Beloved Equation may not be as widely known as the main film, which is. When it comes to adding movies that don’t read books they can remember the movie and not the book they came from. How many fans of Andrei Tarkovsky say even a little bit of intelligence about his films Solaris and Stalker to Stanislaw Lem and the Strugatsky brothers, right? Only a few set limits on the film and its sources.

PS Professor and His Beloved Equation won the award for best director at the Fajr film festival in Iran and the award for his music at the Mainichi Film Concours in Japan.

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