2021, the year of women in sport: Shriever and Capsey lead the way

Inet was one of the most inspiring images of the Tokyo Olympics. BMX’s final follow-up for women, Beth Shriever who received the new gold medal sat down on the rails in front of the metal bar, his legs splaying useless in front of him. He dropped every drop from them to see No No. 1 in the world, Mariana Pajón, chasing an exciting lineup. Now, they could not even lift him to his feet.

Just minutes later, GB partner Kye Whyte was by his side. Whyte had taken silver in the men’s pre-Shriever men’s race, but you could see in his face what was most important to him. She muttered something she couldn’t hear her legs. So he took him in his arms, and they celebrated that moment together.

BMX is a male-dominated affair in Britain so UK Sport stopped giving funding to support female athletes after Rio, believing there was not enough technology to support the program. Just two days after Shriever won Britain’s first gold BMX. Charlotte Worthington got second on the right of women. In her final career, the 25-year-old became the first woman to get a 360 backflip in the competition – she had been competing with her for only four years.

Shriever says he hopes that what they have done together “has confirmed our point”. She says: “Charlotte and I have made it clear that there is a real potential for women to succeed in this sport. The interesting thing about these two experiences is that after their experience outside the system – collecting travel expenses, working part-time as an assistant teacher and caterer – Shriever and Worthington have been teaching full-time for the past several years. and male partners. The reason Kye Whyte enjoyed Shriever was because he saw for himself what he had experienced.

Bethany Shriever (gold) was promoted by Kye Whyte (silver) both after winning the Olympic medals in Tokyo. Photo: Alex Broadway / SWpix.com / Shutterstock

In 2021, the sport became more open than ever in terms of women’s education, performance and competition on the same level as men. Integrated transmission events began to appear on Olympic Games in the pool and on the track. Cricket has launched a new competition that gives a similar reputation to its female and male teams. The practice is hopeful on the issue of equality between men and women, not because it violates the nerves that, for a long time, have made women’s sports a helper for men.

The advantages of a mixed-sex environment have been many and at the same time. Worthington claims that at times, the famous 360 may not have been in his army. “Acting wisely has a profound effect on mental ability and confidence,” he says. “If I had been coached by a mother I would have been pushed back by what I have already found – or rather, that has never happened.” During this time, Shriever watched the men around him learn new habits from his work. “They have learned to treat women with great respect and dignity. It makes for a great place. “

Charlotte Worthington cheats in front of the Women's Park Final of the BMX Freestyle in Tokyo.
Charlotte Worthington cheats in front of the Women’s Park Final of the BMX Freestyle in Tokyo. Photo: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

The Hundred Games, England’s newest cricket tournament, produced some of the best results. Although many fans criticized the need for a very short cricket on a calendar that has long been a problem, many of them agreed on one thing: surprising the popularity, and the following, women’s sports. In a non-consensual setting, The Hundred started with a women’s play at The Oval that immediately disrupted the audience and the audience, and the record continued to break down after six weeks. The BBC’s long-running coverage has created a number of stars among the young people they love – including 16-year-old Alice Capsey, who is awaiting her GCSE results while she resides. found half-century for the first time.

“The first game was tough,” admits Capsey. “There were international players like Tash Farrant and Mady Villiers and Dane Niekerk both said they were the best team they ever played for. 10 meters! “

Capsey finished playing every game, including the final against Southern Brave at Lord’s, where he assisted. Oval Invincibles Occupation and football and football. He said there was a lot of hope among his teammates over the great interest Hundred had in the women’s game. “Everyone is very excited about how we will promote next year,” said Capsey. He hopes that in his next issue the men’s and women’s groups will be more closely aligned – “other groups such as Southern Brave and Birmingham Phoenix were too big a combination of the two, but Covid’s rules made it even more difficult.”

For many, one of the most interesting features of the century was Covid’s invention – the fact that most games were played as two titles, making sure there were people incredibly mixed in the stands. Family-friendly spaces were prominent in the game, whose one-day T20 matches can often be turbulent, heavy. Game-lovers have long since abandoned the idea that unethical behavior is the price you pay in a stadium: here was proof that a change in culture is not always bad.

Fans at the end of the 100 women's opening game at the Oval.
Fans at the end of the 100 women’s opening game at the Oval. The tournament featured the most popular women’s cricket matches. Photo: John Walton / PA

Elsewhere, 2021 did very well in various male courts. There are other games in which the only thing that keeps men and women from competing at the same level as men is against the idea. Darts is one of them – and in the Nordic Darts Masters, Fallon Sherrock finished the runner up to the well-known Michael van Gerwen, before becoming the first woman to reach the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam of Darts in November.

A strong female presence in the crowd at the 100th opening match between the Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals at the Oval in July.
A strong female presence in the crowd at the 100th opening match between the Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals at the Oval in July. Photo: Gareth Copley / Getty Images

When Sherrock’s success in breaking the roof made him beloved of the minor, the jumping race was in great turmoil. At Cheltenham Festival, Rachael Blackmore’s six winners – inclusive Champion Hurdle – which led to her being named jockey director, the first woman to receive the title. But it was him the best competition at the Minella Times at the Grand National which made him visible to all the world, and an everlasting inheritance.

Only 20 women participated in the Aintree competition; half of their travels have come in the last decade. The speed with which he proves himself to be equally astonishing. Considering the natural weight and culture of horse riding that affects women, it is amazing that it has taken so long for a horse race to learn to appreciate them.

Rachael Blackmore leads the Minella Times on the final wall of the Grand National Aintree race in Aintree in April.
Rachael Blackmore leads the Minella Times on the final wall of the Grand National Aintree race in Aintree in April. Photo: Peter Powell / Pool via AP

For Laura Collett, a gold medalist in a Tokyo game with Tom McEwen and Oliver Townend, injustice is dangerous. “In equestrianism, gender has never been a problem: we are all considered to be the same and we see ourselves that way. It makes me realize how lucky we are in our sport. “A few days after returning home from the Olympics, Collett, McEwen and Townend were back competing with each other for their regular performances.

And although the mixed triathlon was the first of its kind at this year’s Olympics, the connection was not uncommon for its first-time winners. “I’ve been playing mixed sports for a number of years now and I love it,” says Georgia Taylor-Brown, who won gold alongside Jess Learmonth, Jonny Brownlee and Alex Yee. I knew that if we did well in the first Olympics, we would write history.

Alex Yee of Great Britain, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Jess Learmonth and Jonny Brownlee won gold in the combined triathlon competition at Odaiba Marine Park.
Alex Yee of Great Britain, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Jess Learmonth and Jonny Brownlee won gold in the combined triathlon competition at Odaiba Marine Park. Photo: Danny Lawson / PA

Their success was beyond another GB medal: it aroused the curiosity of the spectators. For Taylor-Brown, it was a reflection of the strong public spirit that exists among three British men and women. “We are a small family – we will go to a global competition with only 10 athletes or more, then you are close and cohesive,” he says. “I’ll go out with a group of guys, and Jess will swim with them in the pool because she’s probably faster than most guys.”

Taylor-Brown thinks that in the future we will see more games taking the form of homosexuality. “Mixed women add interest to the competition because you never know what’s going to happen,” she says. “Just look at the mixed-race swimmer, when GB was so far behind the first leg. Suddenly Adam Peaty chased a 100m women’s champion – it’s amazing, and very impressive.

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