Month: May 2020


How a hair-care company went from salon supplier to sanitizer powerhouse

When AG Hair moved to its new location, the 70,000-sq.-foot, technology developer in Coquitlam, BC, two years ago, was part of a plan to expand its hair care line in salons. in international markets. Europe was next on the list. Then COVID-19 hit. Not only was growth in Europe halted, but salons in major markets […]

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252. Russian director Ilya Khrzhanovskiy’s debut feature film “Chetyre” (4) (2004), based on a script by post-modern author/dramatist Vladimir Sorokin: A perplexing, absurdist, and depressing study of contemporary, post-glasnost Russia

“He was tired from hunger, he ate in secret. He thought he was stealing food; but that was better than the robbery of strangers ” – The narrator of the TV show on dogs, starring Oleg in the film 4 The movie 4 was created in 2004 and won 11 major movie awards in Europe, […]

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