200 USDT Futures Bonus on MEXC Exchange (Free)

The future market brings a lot of money that is offered to many crypto exchange, and that is what drives the massive promotion from many well-known crypto brands to attract crypto traders who sell in the futures market.

For every crypto user, this is an opportunity to earn 200 USDT by simply joining or participating in future market promotions for this exchange. Today’s offerings come from a well-known crypto market called MEXC.

We’ve already met in detail reviews of MEXC exchanges here.

If you want to get a 200 USDT promotion from MEXC:

  1. Make a free account on MEXC

First and foremost: Rules for future upgrades to USDT

  1. The bonus can be used for Futures transactions, and the earning portion can be deducted; the bonus alone cannot be deducted.
  2. The bonus can be used as a limit on sales, and it can also be used for sales, losses, and purchasing power.
  3. Transferring any assets from a future account will result in the bonus being deducted.
  4. The bonus has a valid 30 day period. It will be refunded at the end. Please be aware of the risks that may arise as a result of a future bonus.

How to claim your bonus:

Bonus amount: The bonus will be distributed to your Futures account. You can browse through: APP >> Wealth >> Future.

How to win rewards:

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/wJ54wfpNKTsGvU2i7

Please contact the Telegraph Staff for your prize: https://t.me/mexcdm1

The rewards are as follows:

[Opening Reward]

Open your future account – Receive a 5 USDT Futures Bonus

[Deposit Reward]

First Amount 300 USDT – Receive 5 USDT Futures Bonus

First Amount 500 USDT – Receive 10 USDT Futures Bonus

First Deposit 2000 USDT – Receive 20 USDT Futures Bonus

When you open your Futures account, hold your Futures account within 48 hours to increase your Deposit reward!

[Trading Reward]

First Futures Trade ≥ 1,000USDT – Receive 5 USDT Futures Bonus

Trade ≥ 5,000 USDT Futures Trading Volume – Receive 20 USDT Futures Bonus

Trade ≥ 20,000 USDT Futures Trading Volume within 7 Days – Receive a free 10-100 USDT Futures Bonus

[Community Reward]

Join the Futures Telegraph Community: https://t.me/mexfutures

Follow our Twitter: https://twitter.com/MEXCDerivatives

Receive 2 USDT Futures Bonus or

Receive 5 USDT Futures Bonus (Open at least 1 place on MEXC Futures) or

Receive 10 USDT Futures Bonus (Complete all work above)

Welcome to your KYC graduate partner and sell ≥ 1,000USDT in the Future with MEXC, receive 20 USDT Futures Free CAP * on the number of users you can invite!

Users can simultaneously claim the rewards above!
* Users will not receive the First Amount Bonus twice.

Events Comments:

1. The bonus mentioned above may be redeemed by new Futures users and users who have previously opened a Futures account but have not traded on Futures or have not yet made a transfer to their Futures account.

2. [Trading Reward] will be awarded only if a non-Futures Bonus was used for the sale.

3. Futures Bonus is valid for 30 days, and can be as a purchase, lost, capital. Profits made using the Futures Bonus can be transferred, however, only the bonus cannot be adjusted. Any change will result in all Futures bonuses being deducted.

4. Users who open their Futures account prior to the event are eligible to receive a trade reward.

5. Users must contact the Official Telegraph Staff (@ mexcdm1) to take the reward. Payment will be made within 30 days.

6. Users must complete a KYC to receive a reward.

7. MEXC reserves the right to prohibit anyone from participating in a wash wash or any other behavior that is considered fraudulent. MEXC reserves the right to cancel the reward for users, or to suspend the account.

Create your MEXC account

We will be bringing more promotions in the coming days. To not miss any such opportunities, simply Join the CoinSutra telegraph channel be the first to be notified.

Harsh Agrawal is the cryptocurrency exchange expert with bots CoinSutra. He founded CoinSutra in 2016, as well as one of the leading bloggers at fin-tech manufacturing companies.

Awarded blogger with a history of 10+ years. He has a reputation in economics and technology and has a professional qualification in Information Technology.

An international speaker and author who loves blockchain and the crypto world.

After realizing about Decentralized Finance and with his reputation for Information Technology, he made it his goal to help others learn and get started through CoinSutra.

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