2 Proven Ways To Short Sell Bitcoin in 2021- A 6 Step How-to Guide

Did you know that the average crypto trader does not use 10% of the potential for a variety of trading strategies they know? Most traders only follow one trading strategy throughout their business journey. Thus, 95% of traders fail to make any profit for a long time.

However, a trading expert is able to make money in the market regardless of the market. She has a number of marketing strategies that help her make a profit. It doesn’t matter if the market is in Bull or not The bear.

One such approach is Brief Sales which can be used to make money in a Downtrend.

Note: Let me be clear. This article is for educational purposes only. Temporary trading is risky, and you could lose all your money. Do not try this unless you have enough information, knowledge, and money to lose.

So now, when I have covered my risk, I could talk openly about risk, rewards, and short-term trading strategies.

What is Bitcoin Short Selling?

Temporary sale is the only way to sell goods when you do not have them. It enables you to make money even at low speeds.

To get the most out of every business, there is one simple rule, Buy Down and Sell Best. The only difference is that a brief marketing plan is for you sell first and buy later.

Here, the seller expects the future value of the item to be lower than its current value.

For example, Bitcoin is selling today at USD 34,000, and I expect it to drop to USD 30,000 within this week. In this case, I can sell bitcoin today @ USD 34,000 and buy over the weekend @ USD 30,000. As a result, I could make a profit of USD 4,000 on Bitcoin and do this.

How to Browse Bitcoin or Altcoins?

There are several ways in which you can sell your product in a nutshell. However, I would have discussed these two simple steps:

  1. Bitcoin Trading Briefly through Margin Exchange
  2. Bitcoin Trading Briefly through Futures Trading

Therefore, let us understand the Margin Marketing Method at Binance is an example. If you do not have an account at Binance, make one at a time.

How to Browse Bitcoin on Binance via Margin Trading

If you want to learn by watching movies, watch these tutorials:

Temporary trading through edge trading means that Bitcoin (without having it) you have to borrow first for the changes. Furthermore, once the Bitcoin price goes down in the market, you can buy Bitcoin back and repay your loan with interest.

In order to introduce you to this method easily, I will try and shorten Bitcoin.

To do this, I need to follow four simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Give BTC
  • Step 2 – Sell BTC
  • Step 3 – Buy BTC
  • Step 4 – Bring BTC (with interest)

So, let’s see.

Once you have your Binance Account, follow the steps below to create a short trade.

Steps 1 and 2 – Borrowing and Selling BTC

  • Section 1 – Click on “ad” and click on “Old”
Bitcoin Trading – Binance Margin Trading
  • Section 2 – In the transaction window, select “cross” or “length” border. I choose to cross the border.
Binance Margin Trading Window 2Binance Margin Trading Window 2
Bitcoin Trading – Binance Margin Trading
  • Section 3 – To borrow money, you must first transfer the security to your bank account. To do this, click transfer and transfer money from your wallet to your wallet.
Binance Margin Trading Window 3Binance Margin Trading Window 3
Cross Margin Wallet – Money Transfer
  • Section 4 – Now that you have secured the collateral, you need to borrow and sell Bitcoin. Both stages are completed by the same process.
  1. Select system type (Limit, Market, or Stop Limit)
  2. Make sure the “Borrowing” option is selected in the sales window
  3. Enter the amount of BTC to borrow and sell
  4. Click on “Margin Sell BTC”
Binance Margin Trading Window 4Binance Margin Trading Window 4
Bitcoin Trading Summary – Details of Order

This ends Phase 1 and Phase 2, for example, borrowing BTC and selling BTC.

Let’s move on to Step 3 and Step 4. Once the BTC price falls, you need to buy back the BTC you sold to repay your debt plus interest.

Step 3 and 4 – Repeat with Refund BTC

  • Section 5 – To view all the funds you have, click the Lock button, and a window will open. Click the return button to get all the money you have for Binance.
Binance Margin Trading Window 5Binance Margin Trading Window 5
Bitcoin Summary Trading – Full Loan
  • Section 6 – Now, you need to understand that I have to buy and repay my loan. My total loan (plus interest) is 0.00030001 BTC. To repay the loan, I will buy more than this. So, let’s buy 0.00031 BTC.
  1. Select the system type
  2. Make sure the “Bring” option selected
  3. Enter the amount of BTC to be purchased
  4. Click on “Buy BTC”
Binance Margin Trading Window 6Binance Margin Trading Window 6
Bitcoin Trading Summary – Buy Back

BTC will be purchased, and your loan will be refunded (along with interest) from the purchased BTC.

This is how you briefly trade Bitcoin using edge trading. There is another popular way to trade Bitcoin briefly, for example, futures trading. Let us consider how we can do that.

How to Quickly Trade Bitcoin on ByBit via Future Trading

A small sale through a futures contract means you are not selling the property but just betting on the price. A futures contract is an outreach tool that takes into account the value of its assets.

To understand how to jump through a future contract, I am trading BTCUSDT contracts on ByBit.

So, let’s take a closer look at this process.

If you want to learn by watching a movie, here are:

  1. Click on your email ID at the top right
  2. Click on “properties”
  3. Click on “Derivatives Account”
  4. Put the money you want to sell from your place or other wallets
1. ByBit - Deposit Money1. ByBit - Deposit Money
ByBit – Summary Sales and Outputs
  • Section 2 – Select the contract you want to exchange
  1. Click on “Derivatives”
  2. Select “Contract Type” – “USDT Perpetual” (Select contracts as desired)
  3. Select “Trading Pair” – “BTCUSDT” (Select contracts according to your preferences)
2. ByBit - Select Agreement2. ByBit - Select Agreement
ByBit – Short Sell Bitcoin – Perpetual Contract
  • Section 3 – Enter Order Details
  1. Select Open Window
  2. Choose Margin – Individual or Cross – (Private)
  3. Select Leverage – up to 100x – (1x)
  4. Select System Type (Limits, Market, Requirements) – (Limited)
  5. Select “Order Price” – ($ 29,850)
  6. Select “Order Quantity” – (0.001 BTC)
  7. Select “Sell Short with TP / SL”
  8. Specify Start-Up Cost – Must be lower than the import price – ($ 29,000)
  9. Indicate the starting price of Stop Loss – Must be higher than the import price – ($ 30,500)
  10. Click on the “Open Short” button.
3. ByBit - Ikani Order Short Sell Order3. ByBit - Ikani Order Short Sell Order
ByBit – Short Sell Bitcoin – Perpetual Contract

This way, your short-term sale will be put together with the starting price to take a profit and stop the loss. This means that if any of the two trees are started, your space will simply be closed.

Now, as we understand the two most popular methods of Bitcoin trading for a limited time, let’s discuss the risks of a small trading method.

Risks of Short-Term Trading

If the value of the goods offered does not decrease according to your expectations, there is no limit to the loss you must endure.

If you make a traditional trade, suppose you are selling $ 1,000, your maximum loss would be $ 1,000. But with a small sale, a loss that can become your entire account.

Furthermore, if you take advantage of a short-term sale, your property will be closed as your limits fall below the required repair level.

Therefore, in order to reduce these risks, you need to use them regularly stop loss of form.

End: Summary Trading Bitcoin

Although risky, a small sale is a worthwhile option if used properly. Many traders keep their money in the bear market which can be used to improve short-term trading skills.

I hope you were able to get an idea of ​​how a small bitcoin trading system works and when the time comes, you will use this method to make a profit.

Please note that short-term sales and action are extremely risky, and you could lose all your money. Therefore, do not use these methods unless you have sufficient knowledge and experience.

Also, note that I am not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. DYOR before investing or selling.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and share this article with your friends and colleagues. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about this.

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