178 cases, 149 of them in Auckland; 77 people in hospital


November 25, 2021

There were 18,623 first and second levels issued yesterday, made up of First Levels 6600 and 12,023 second. To date, 92% of eligible New Zealanders have received their first dose and 84% are fully immunized.

As of 10.30am today, more than 1,890,000 applications for My Vaccine Pass have been processed.

You can ask a My Vaccine Certificate from the page.

My Vaccine Pass 0800 continues to receive more calls than ever before. On average it has been receiving 30,000 calls a day.

We urge people to continue to be patient. There is plenty of time for us to pass, and if people can’t get past that we ask them to try again later. As of yesterday, waiting times were less than 10 minutes on My Vaccine Pass.

As a result of Wednesday’s rescheduling of the system, waiting times have been reduced and further renovations are underway today, including the transfer of more staff to the technical support of My Health Account and My Covid Notes and hours on technical lines being extended until 8pm.

Face-to-face options are also available soon.

Modification of Covid-19 vaccine
Vaccines first and second vaccinated to date (percentage of eligible people) 7,405,301: 3,860,356 first level (92%); Second Level 3,544,945 (84%)
The first and second vaccinations were given yesterday 18,623: 6600 first level; Second Level 12,023
Māori (percentage of eligible people) 832,534: 457,894 first level (80%); Second Level 374,640 (66%)
Pacific people (percentage of eligible people) 485,726: 257,446 first level (90%); Second Level 228,280 (80%)
The first and second vaccinations were given to Auckland residents yesterday 3956: 1169 first level; Second Edition 2787
Vaccination rates and DHB (with active activity)
Northland DHB (percentage of eligible persons) First dose (84%); Second level (75%)
Auckland Metro DHBs (percentage of eligible people) First dose (93%); Second Level (88%)
Waikato DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (90%); Second level (82%)
Canterbury DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (95%); Second Level (86%)
Lakes DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (87%); Second Level (77%)
MidCentral DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (91%); Second level (82%)
Bay of Plenty DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (89%); Second level (79%)
Wairarapa DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (92%); Second level (82%)
Hawke’s Bay DHB (percentage of eligible persons) First dose (90%); Second Level (80%)
Capital and Coast DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (95%); Second Level (89%)
Cases in the hospital 77. North Shore (16); Middlemore (25); Auckland (33); Waikato (2); Eagle (1)
Vaccination of current hospitals (Northern Region only 25 November) Vaccinated or uninfected (42/60% of cases); a little vaccine14 days (8 cases / 11%); complete vaccination 14 days (10/14% cases); unknown (4 cases / 6%)
Average hospital stay 46
Cases in ICU or HDU Eight
A seven-day number of community cases 190
Number of new cases in the region 178
Number of new cases identified at the border Four
New community court sites Auckland (149), Waikato (16), Northland (2), Bay of Plenty (9), Lakes (1), MidCentral (1)
Community court sites (total) Auckland 7,088660 (2,2878 of them recovered); Waikato 393 (109 of them recovered); Wellington 18 (17 of them recovered); Northland 74 (39 of them recovered); Nelson / Marlborough 1 (recovered); Canterbury 8 (4 of them recovered); Taranaki 6 (all recovered); Seas 25; Medium Medium 5; Bay of Plenty 39; Author 3
Number of cases (total) 7660 (in expansion of villages)
Proven cases (all) 10,421
Old cases 199 of 8615 cases as of January 1
Local court cases The 69 cases reported yesterday are baseless
Isolation cases the whole time they were contagious The 124 cases reported yesterday have no incident
Epidemiologically linked cases 96 of the most recent cases
Epidemiologically linked cases 82 of the most recent cases
Epidemiologically linked cases 5793660 (9210 inconsistent in the last 14 days)
Operating contact number (number): 6,311
Percentage of recipients of outgoing calls from their followers (to confirm testing and isolation) 66%
Percentage of those who return one result 71%
Fun place
Favorite Places (Anything) 169 (as of 10am 25 November)
Test number (number) 4,781,357
Total number of tests (24 hours ago) 34,469
Tests set in Auckland (24 hours ago) 15,879
Test scope (7 days ago) 29,877
Auckland testing ground 18
Bad water
Awareness of dirty water There are no side effects
NZ Covid Tracer
Registered users (all) 3,403,599
Image Controls (All) 532,310,954
Manuscripts (complete) 20,699,851
Photos are taken in 24 hours until noon yesterday 2,718,583

New known border issues

Arrival date From Through Good day / cause Isolation / private care
November 19th Ireland United Kingdom and Singapore Day 3 / routine Auckland
* 20 November Singapore Direct flight Day 3 / routine Auckland
* 20 November Singapore Direct flight Day 3 / routine Auckland
* 20 November Singapore Direct flight Day 3 / routine Auckland

* These cases were in the history of the movement

Death of a patient with Covid-19Sadly, today we are talking about the Covid-19-related death of a patient at Auckland City Hospital yesterday afternoon.

The patient, in his 50s, was admitted to Auckland City Hospital at 5 p.m. November 2021.

Our thoughts are with the sick whānau and friends at this very sad time.

Modern casesToday we are announcing new cases in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Lakes and MidCentral.

No additional cases can be reported today in Wairarapa, Wellington Canterbury or Hawke’s Bay.

The two previously mentioned cases were changed to ‘non-criminal’ so that the maximum number was 176 community cases.

More information on current cases is included in the regional changes below. Anyone living in these areas, or elsewhere in New Zealand, who has symptoms, no matter how low, is encouraged to get tested – even after vaccination – and to be alone until they return the results. A complete list of test sites can be found at Healthpoint Website.

Regional changesWe urge anyone with any of the following symptoms who have symptoms – no matter how low – to get tested, even if you do get vaccinated. Please isolate yourself until you provide results. And if you do not have a vaccine, your DHB or your healthcare provider will have more opportunities to do this.

NorthlandThere are two cases pending in Northland today, one linked to Whangārei and the other unrelated to Ruakaka.

In response to Ruakaka’s case, a pop-up test site opens this afternoon at Ruakaka Racecourse.

The pop-up page opens the following times:

2.30pm to 6pm today9am to 3pm tomorrow9am to 3pm Saturday10am to 2pm Sunday9am to 3pm Monday

We encourage anyone living in Ruakaka or near any signs that may be Covid-19 to be tested.

Other testing centers and open vaccines in Northland can be found at Northland DHB website.

AucklandToday, there are 149 new cases pending in Auckland.Continuing daily monitoring of trial numbers and test sites to ensure effective protection of vulnerable areas.

Medical personnel are now assisting 4211 people in isolation at home around Auckland – this includes 1172 cases.

WaikatoThere are 16 cases being reported in Waikato today. 8 are in Te Kūiti, five in Huntly and three in Kawhia. All cases are linked to known cases.

One of the cases reported yesterday has now been confirmed in Piopio, southwest of Te Kūiti.

There are seven dedicated pilot sites working across Waikato today in Hamilton, Ōtorohanga, Thames, Huntly, Ngāruawāhia and Te Kūiti.

In Waikato district, health workers are now supporting 144 cases of isolation at home.

Bay of PlentyToday we report 9 new cases today in the Bay of Plenty, all in the Tauranga area.

Six of these cases are known to be neighbors and had already isolated themselves. Questions and the rest are inside to find out where he is sick.

The case, which was announced yesterday in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, is an isolated one with the support of Tuhoe Hauora.

Following the notorious Eastern Bay of Plenty case, an additional trial is available at Nukuhou North Settlers until 4pm today.

Testing will be available at Med Central in Whakatâne today from 9 am-4pm.

Details for testing in this area will be updated at the Bay of Plenty DHB website.

The spread of Covid-19 in the Bay of Plenty is another reminder to get tested if you are not feeling well and to get your first vaccine if you have never done so before.

The seaThere is one new case to report, based on Rotorua.

There is a good experiment throughout the area with volunteer testing centers in Taupō, and Rotorua. See? healthpoint.co.nz for location and opening times. Testing is also available at several hospitals by Hauora Māori.

MidCentral PriceToday, we present a new report on Covid-19 in Pahīatua, bringing the total population to five.

It comes after the contaminated water has been identified several times over the virus from samples taken in Pahīatua two nights ago.

The most recent case has now isolated itself, with an investigation into the cause of the disease. Meanwhile, preliminary interviews have found a small number of family contacts, who isolate themselves from scheduled tests.

Prosecution has also confirmed the first seven interesting sites in Pahīatua and Palmerston North. This has been added Ministry website

While some interesting places are expected the people of the MidCentral region, especially in Pahīatua, are asked to take care of the places of interest.

Experiments available at:

· 46 Main Street, Pahiatua. Open until 3pm today· Pahīatua Medical Center, Main Street and Center Street. Open until 3pm today575 Main St, Palmerston North. Open 8am to 6pm mid-week, and 10am to 2pm Saturday and Sunday.

Testing is also done at the GP and Urgent Care clinic. Further testing in this area will stand out, if necessary, and more will be available on Healthpoint Website.

We are also calling for people to be vaccinated, as many places are available throughout the area. Vaccination sites are available at MidCentral DHB website.

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