173 cases, 154 of them in Auckland; 78 in hospital 

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November 26, 2021

There were 18,092 first and second levels issued yesterday, made up of First Levels 6319 and 11,773 second. To date, 92% of eligible New Zealanders have received their first dose and 85% are fully immunized.

The Ministry of Health has now issued more than two million My Vaccine Passes. More than half of all New Zealand vaccinated people now have their own certificates and we would like to thank everyone who has already been vaccinated for their hard work.

We hope that the need for My Vaccine Passes will increase, and we recognize the need to improve access to passports for all New Zealanders.

From today, there is the opportunity to receive your postage and people can also go to the pharmacy to apply for their license.

About 400 pharmacies in the country offering Covid-19 vaccine can now help people get their vaccine. Those 400 pharmacies can be found at Healthpoint Website.

There has been an unprecedented number of people calling 0800 222 478 to get their ID, check their NHI number or set up their My Covid Record account. To address this, the Ministry has also increased the number of our call centers and there are now three long-term call centers.

You can ask a My Vaccine Certificate from the page.

Modification of Covid-19 vaccine
Vaccines first and second vaccinated to date (percentage of eligible people) 7,423,710: 3,866,728 first level (92%); Second Level 3,556,982 (85%)
The first and second vaccinations were given yesterday 18,092: 6319 first level; Second Level 11,773
Māori (percentage of eligible people) 838,182: 460,283 first level (81%); Second Level 377,899 (66%)
Pacific people (percentage of eligible people) 488,001: 258,423 first level (90%); Second Level 229,578 (80%)
The first and second vaccinations were given to Auckland residents yesterday 4004: 1106 first level; Second Edition 2898
Vaccination rates and DHB (with active activity)
Northland DHB (percentage of eligible persons) First dose (85%); Second level (75%)
Auckland Metro DHBs (percentage of eligible people) First dose (94%); Second Level (88%)
Waikato DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (91%); Second level (82%)
Canterbury DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (95%); Second Level (87%)
Lakes DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (87%); Second Level (77%)
MidCentral DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (91%); Second Level (83%)
Bay of Plenty DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (89%); Second level (79%)
Wairarapa DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (92%); Second level (82%)
Hawke’s Bay DHB (percentage of eligible persons) First dose (90%); Second Level (81%)
Capital and Coast DHB (percentage of eligible people) First dose (95%); Second Level (89%)
Cases in the hospital 78. North Shore (19); Middlemore (24); Auckland (32); Waikato (3)
Vaccination of modern hospitals (regions of the Northern Region by November 26) Vaccinated or uninfected (44/9% cases); a little vaccine14 days (8 cases / 11%); complete vaccination 14 days (10/14% cases); unknown (3 cases / 4%)
Average hospital stay 46
Cases in ICU or HDU Seven
A seven-day number of community cases 187
Number of new cases in the region 173
Number of new cases identified at the border Four
Location of new community cases * Auckland (154), Waikato (15), Northland (1), Bay of Plenty (2), Lakes (1),
Community court sites (total) Auckland 7,242660 (2,3008 of them recovered); Waikato 408 (109 of them recovered); Wellington 18 (17 of them recovered); Northland 75 (39 of them recovered); Nelson / Marlborough 1 (recovered); Canterbury 8 (4 of them recovered); Taranaki 6 (all recovered); Sea 26; MidCentral 5 (1 recovery); Bay of Plenty 40; Author 3
Number of cases (total) 7832 (local spread)
Proven cases (all) 10,598
Old cases 199 of 8792 cases as of January 1
Local court cases ** The 61 cases reported yesterday are baseless
Isolation cases all the time they are transmitted ** The 90 cases reported yesterday have no significant implications
Epidemiologically linked cases 92 of the most recent cases
Epidemiologically linked cases 81 of the most recent cases
Epidemiologically linked cases 5,911660 (8990 disconnected in the last 14 days)
Operating contact number (number): 6335
Percentage of recipients of outgoing calls from their followers (to confirm testing and isolation) 66%
Percentage of those who return one result 71%
Fun place
Favorite Places (Anything) 180 (as of 10am 26 November)
Test number (number) 4,812,340
Total number of tests (24 hours ago) 31,003
Tests set in Auckland (24 hours ago) 13,866
Test scope (7 days ago) 30,161
Auckland testing ground 19
Bad water
Awareness of dirty water See below for ‘Wastewater’ updates
NZ Covid Tracer
Registered users (all) 3,407,689
Image Controls (All) 535,420,116
Manuscripts (complete) 20,748,603
Photos are taken in 24 hours until noon yesterday 2,846,441

A new case has been identified at the border

Arrival date From Through Good day / cause Isolation / private care
November 23 United States of America Direct Aircraft Day 0 / habit Christchurch
November 23 United States of America Direct Aircraft Day 0 / habit Christchurch
November 23 Russia Singapore Day 0 / habit Christchurch
November 21st The entire trip must be confirmed Singapore Day 1 / routine Auckland

** The number of cases here sometimes differs from the risk reported in the previous day due to differences in reporting time and reassignment.

* Modern newsToday we are announcing new civil cases in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Lakes and Canterbury. The case we are considering in Canterbury has now reached 9 p.m.

No additional cases can be reported today in Wairarapa, Wellington, Hawke’s Bay, MidCentral or Taranaki.

One of the previously reported cases has been changed to border cases and the majority are 172 community cases.

Regional changesWe urge anyone with any of the following symptoms who have symptoms – no matter how low – to get tested, even if you do get vaccinated. Please isolate yourself until you provide results. And if you do not have a vaccine, your DHB or your healthcare provider will have more opportunities to do this.

NorthlandThere is one new case to report in Northland today. This is a child linked to the Auckland case that has been isolated.

The story in Ruakaka that was told yesterday has now been linked. Anyone living in or near Ruakaka for possible Covid-19 symptoms is encouraged to get tested.

In response to Ruakaka’s case, a pop-up test site opens this afternoon at Ruakaka Racecourse.

The pop-up page opens the following times:

9am to 3pm today9am to 3pm Saturday10am to 2pm Sunday9am to 3pm Monday

An open vaccine center with vaccines in Northland can be found at Northland DHB website.

New attractions in Northland continue to be added to Service Website

AucklandToday, there are 154 new cases pending in Auckland. Continuing daily monitoring of trial numbers and test sites to ensure effective protection of vulnerable areas.

Medical personnel are now helping 4,058 people live in isolation at home around Auckland – this includes 1,070 cases.

WaikatoThere were 15 confirmed cases in Waikato in one night – six in Huntly, four in Hamilton, three in Te Kūiti, and two in Ngāruawāhia.

All cases were linked to previous cases.

There were also some interesting places identified yesterday in Hamilton, Huntly and Te Kūiti, these have been added to Ministry of Health website.There are seven independent and dedicated testing centers operating in the area today in Hamilton, Ōtorohanga, Thames, Huntly, Ngāruawāhia and Te Kūiti. For more information, go to DHB website.

In Waikato, health workers are now supporting 129 cases of homelessness.

Bay of PlentyToday we are talking about two new cases today in the Bay of Plenty.

One of the cases was set up in the Tauranga area and is closely linked to the case that has already been confirmed. They are already isolated.

The second reported today has returned positive results after a trial in Tauranga, which is also included in the Bay of Plenty case numbers. However, they usually live in Waikato – the person is best transferred to their home in Waikato.

The spread of Covid-19 in the Bay of Plenty is another reminder to get tested if you are not feeling well and get your first vaccine if you have never done so before.

Details of the experimental site in the Bay of Plenty are available at Healthpoint Website.

The seaThere is one new case to report in Lakes, Rotorua. The case is based on an earlier issue and has been settled in private.

There are good trials throughout the area with a volunteer testing center in Taupô, and Rotorua. See? healthpoint.co.nz for location and opening times. Testing is also available at several hospitals and Hauora Mâori health care providers.

CanterburyToday we are talking about a new case in Canterbury, but as the case was reported after 9 a.m., it will be added to the case numbers tomorrow.

This person has been cited as a minor risk to human health. They are family members who have been in the past and are already on their own.

Details of where Cantabrian can research the tests are available at Canterbury DHB website.

People can also see if their GP can provide Covid-19 testing by phone or via the internet Healthpoint website.

Bad waterCovid-19 was found in samples taken from Kaiwaka on 18 November. Preparations for the model began on November 22, however, the results were delayed due to technical difficulties. Current testing of other samples collected on 22 November.

Anyone with symptoms – no matter how low – is encouraged to get tested. Details of the test site are available at Northland DHB Website.

Covid-19 was also found in an example taken from Opononi on November 23, believed to be in agreement with the charges against Hokianga.

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