12 Exciting Engineering Milestones to Look for in 2022

Psyche’s Deep-Space Lasers


In August, NASA will launch
Psyche function, sending a deep-rooted spacecraft into the mysterious spacecraft orbit between Mars and Jupiter. While the main purpose of this study is to study the origins of Psyche, it will also take experiments that can predict the future of deeper messages. The Deep Space Optical Communications The DSOC test will test whether the lasers are able to send signatures over the course of a month. Clear signatures, such as those used on submarine cables, can carry more data than radio broadcasts, but their use in the air has been hampered by the difficulty of directing logs over long distances. The DSOC will use a 4-watt infrared laser with a length of 1,550 nanometers (used in most optical devices) to transmit light signals over long distances on the Psyche outer space to the asteroid.

Competitive Electric Electric Competition

A picture of a battery with wings and a circular saw.

For the first time in nearly a century, the US National Aeronautic Association (NAA)
will have a flight competition. In contrast to the international competition of the 1920s, however, the Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race, scheduled for May 19, will also include only electric pilots. Both fixed wings and helicopters are appropriate. The competition will be limited to 25 competitors, and each aircraft must have a pilot. The training will start in Omaha and will end four days later in Manteo, NC, near the location where the Wright brothers started the flight. The NAA has stated that the purpose of international competition is to force its competitors to face challenges that still plague electronic aircraft, such as quantity, battery charge, reliability, and speed.

6-Gigahertz Wi-Fi Extreme

Image wifi and arrow icon next to words  u201c6Ghz.  U201d

Wi-Fi is gaining momentum
1,200 megahertz of new spectrum in the 6-gigahertz band, I am adding a third-party spectrum at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The new band is called Wi-Fi 6E because it enhances Wi-Fi capabilities in the 6-GHz band. As a rule, high-end radios have a lot of data, but they are short. With its high frequency, 6-GHz Wi-Fi is expected to be used in crowded traffic such as offices and public areas. The Wi-Fi Alliance launched the Wi-Fi 6E certification program in January 2021, and the first version of the 6E routers appeared at the end of the year. In 2022, we can expect to see a mobile bonanza with Wi-Fi 6E.

3-Nanometer Chips Arrived

A picture of a chip dancing and carrying a hat with a  u201c3nm  u201d in the middle.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) wants to start making 3-nanometer semiconductor chips
in the second half of 2022. Currently, 5-nm chips are the standard. TSMC manufactures 3-nm chips using a standard and accurate semiconductor called FinFET (short for “field field-effect transistor”). Meanwhile, Samsung and Intel are moving to another 3 nm channel called nanosheet. (TSMC is finally preparing leaving FinFETsOnce upon a time, TSMC’s The only customer of the 20-nm chip of 2022 was Apple, the latest iPhone 14, but sales news prompted TSMC to make enough chips – which promise design flexibility-to fulfill even that order.

Seoul joins Metaverse

A picture of a house

After Facebook (now Meta) announced its intention to make the metaverse a reality, many other professional companies followed suit. The meanings vary, but the basic concept of a metaverse involves combining real-world and real-world with real-world. Also jumping on the metaverse bandwagon by the government of South Korea’s capital, Seoul, which plans to build a “metaverse platform” by the end of 2022. To build the first public riot, Seoul will sell 3.9 billion (US $ 3.3 million). . The platform will provide
public works and social events, starting with the Metaverse 120 Center, a real-life exhibition space for citizens to address concerns that originally required a trip to the city hall. Other planned activities include school exhibition halls and the Deoksu Palace digital exhibition. The city expects the project to be completed by 2026.

IBM Condors Take Airplane

The parable of the bird made of circles.

In 2022, IBM will release a new quantum processor – a much larger one – as a stepping stone
1,000-qubit processor by the end of 2023. This year’s recurrence will consist of 433 qubits, three times as many as the Eagle 127-qubit processor, which was launched last year. Following the bird’s head, the 433- and 1,000-qubit processors will be called Condor. There have been quantum computers with multiple qubits; D-Wave Systems, for example, announced the launch of 5,000-qubit computers in 2020. However, D-Wave computers are unique machines that can solve problems. IBM’s Condors aspire to be the largest quantum processors.

New Dark-Matter Detector

Picture of two dotted lines and two circles with the letters  u201cp  u201d.

The Forward Search Experiment (FASER) at CERN is due to change in July 2022. The exact date depends on when the Large Hadron Collider plans to re-establish the proton-proton collision after three years of redesign and repair. FASER will
start searching for black items and tiny particles that interact very weakly with “normal” objects. CERN, an important physics research center near Geneva, has four main lights connected to its Large Hadron Collider, but it is not worth noting the black objects. FASER does not attempt to detect small particles; instead, it will explore the tiny parts of the Standard Model that we make when black objects interact with something else. The new light detector was created when the collider was closed from 2018 to 2021. At about 480 “bottom” of the ATLAS camera, FASER will also detect excessively formed neutrinos by the particle hitting in the LHC loop. Some CERN detectors have so far failed to detect such neutrinos.

Pong turned 50

Image of pong games with numbers  u201c6  u201d and  u201c9  u201d above.

Atari changed the video game system when he released his first game, Pong, in 1972. Although it was not the first video game – or even the first to be shown in a straightforward, state-of-the-art game – Pong was the first to be a commercial winner. . The game was developed by engineer Allan Alcorn and initially gave him a test when he was hired, before he started working on real projects. However, Atari’s management saw the potential in Pong’s simple game and decided to do something real. Unlike the countless video games that came later, the original Pong did not use codes or microprocessors. Instead, it was built from the point of view of radio video and transistor-transistor.

Green Hydrogen Boom

Image of a generator with large round pages.

The energy company Energias de Portugal (EDP), based in Lisbon, is in the process of launching a 3-megawatt green hydrogen factory in Brazil by the end of the year. Green hydrogen is a hydrogen produced by natural processes, using solar or wind electrolyzers to divide water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. According to the International Energy Agency, only
0.1 percent hydrogen it is made as follows. The plant will be replaced existing coal mines and the production of hydrogen — which can be used in fuel cells — by solar photovoltais. EDP ​​is approx US $ 7.9 million program operator is just the tip of the green hydrogen iceberg. Enegix Energy announces plans a $ 5.4 billion green hydrogen in the same Brazilian state, Ceará, where the EDP plant is under construction. The green hydrogen market is predicted to make money about $ 10 billion by 2028, according to the November 2021 Research Dive report.

China Aerospace Aircraft

A picture of the space station

Another is preparing
to complete its Tiangong stations (“Heavenly Palace”) in 2022. The ship, the first in China for a long time, was operated by the Tiangong-1 and Tiangong-2 stations, which operated from 2011 to 2018 and 2016 to 2019, respectively. The modules for the new station, Tianhe, were launched in April 2021. 10 more missions by the end of 2022 will provide additional components and modules, and build completed completion. The final site will have two laboratory modules in addition to a larger section. Tiangong will orbit at the same distance as the International Space Station but only one-fifth of the ISS.

Cold Energy Saving Method

Illustration of lightning in the ice sand.

Cryogenic energy-storage company Highview Power
will start work at his Carrington factory near Manchester, England, this year. Cryogenic energy storage is a long-term method of storing electricity by cooling the air until it melts (approximately -196 ° C). Interestingly, the air is cooled when electricity is low — for example, at night — and is stored until the electricity reaches its peak. The hydraulic gas is then allowed to return to the gas, which drives the generator to generate electricity. The Carrington 50-megawatt / 250-megawatt-hour plant will be the first supplier of Highview Power using its cryogenic storage technology, called CRYOBattery. Highview Power is planning to build a similar plant in Vermont, although it did not say when.

Carbon-Neutral Cryptocurrency?

Illustration of a coin with a star around it.

A startup from Seattle Nori is expected to come
cryptocurrency extraction. Nori will make 500 million tokens of Ethereum (NORI). Individuals and companies are able to buy and sell NORI, and ultimately exchange any NORI they have for the amount of carbon credits. Each carbon dioxide represents a ton of carbon dioxide it contains kale have been removed from the atmosphere and stored on the ground. With this change, NORI retires, making it impossible for owners to try to “double count” carbon credits and thus appear to be removing more air than they actually are. The founders acknowledged that Ethereum and other blockchain technologies consume a lot of energy, so that the carbon that follows them could originate in the cryptocurrency mines. However, 2022 will also see Ethereum set to change the power-sharing process to secure its blockchain, called proof-of-stake, which Nori will benefit from once it launches.

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